The Regal Green fixed return investment opportunity

We provide our clients with growing annual incomes, plus a very healthy fixed return at the end of a two-year cycle through the Regal Green investment opportunity.

We use our clients' investment to build properties in the region of the UK with the highest demand for new affordable homes - the South-East of England. During the two-year cycle we will pay you a monthly return of 6% per annum on your contribution to build costs, as an advance on your final fixed return of 25% at the end of two years on completion.

Our clients have funded their contributions using cash, secured loans, and by transferring out of underperforming ISAs, investments, and pensions.

Regal do not offer financial or tax advice on purchasing an off-plan property using an existing pension arrangement. We recommend you seek advice as to whether purchasing a property suits your personal financial situation from an authorised Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) who is regulated by The Financial Services Authority (FSA). Purchasers should check that the IFA has the correct permissions to perform the regulated activity i.e. advice in relation to the purchase of a property using a Self-Invested Personal Pension Scheme (SIPP).

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Please view our example of the biennial fixed returns you would enjoy with a £50,000 investment.  Remember to try our detailed investment calculator to submit your own value.


How our clients invest with us

With our investment opportunity, our client base ranges from single parents with minimal income to experienced investors, and there is no upper age limit. Most of our clients will begin the two-year cycle again, due to their positive experience of the first investment period. Others may choose to 'cash-in' and walk away with a healthy sum.

Take a look at the process of our alternative investment to see how your engagement with Regal Green could benefit you, and view our calculators to get an idea of your potential returns.

Fixed return investment opportunity

Retirement plans in place?  We are SIPP approved

Thousands of people across the country are unaware of the poor financial situation they could find themselves in once they reach retirement. The majority of people have no idea what pension provision they are likely to receive. One of the biggest problems is that even people who know the issues are unaware of what they should do about them.

Luckily, there is another option. Regal Green is able to provide an investment opportunity that is much more rewarding than a pension, an opportunity into which you can even transfer your existing pension.

Put yourself in control of your retirement, and get in touch with Regal Green today. Also, learn more about SIPP by viewing our SIPP brochure.

Hear what Regal Green clients have to say

Our page dedicated to video case studies showcases individuals from various financial backgrounds and shows how they have benefitted from the Regal Green investment opportunity.


The Regal Green team recently gave an interview answering common questions on how they work, read it on our blog.

Help for Heroes We are supporting Paul Trowbridge, the son of one of our investors, in his climb of Kilimanjaro. Please feel free to support this cause too!



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